About us

Strawberry Hill House Ltd. is a family run business that imports Icelandic quality brands to Britain.

The company was funded in 2016 after a part of the family moved to Britain and the other part stayed back in Iceland.  

Moving to England in the beginning of January from Icelandic frosts we though we would not be needing all our winter clothes.  Only soon to find out that British winters can be quite cold. 

Soon we had all our Icelandic wool clothes sent to Britain.

Icelandic sheep need to survive at times pretty harsh weather conditions and therefore their wool seems to have adapted in order to counteract the cold and hardship and  has become especially warm and isolating.  

Long story short, we had never loved our wool as much as we did when it arrived in Britain. 

And the idea of Strawberry Hill House Ltd. was born. The pregnancy and labour of the company was yet to come.

Months later here we are. Since we started other brands have slowly been added to our boutique.  

We only offer Nordic Brands that we love ourselves, brands we can proudly represent.